Cages & Cubes is a series of articles that began with the intention to educate millennials on fine art through a language they are more familiar with — street wear. The spine of street wear stems from a potpourri of ethnic cultures, resources and style, creatively blended together; similar to the identities of millennials. Since fine art derives from expressing the depiction of life, the process in which it comes together is not only familiar but identical.

Each article is shown in the form of a mind map using images and text, while showing visual connections through color-coded arrows and a key. In creating these articles, I adjusted my writing structure in order to cater to the generation of millennials. This structure allows the viewer to discover the similarities between gallery exhibitions, clothing store decor, museum exhibition artworks and aesthetics used by street wear brands. There is just enough information for individuals to make the connections in order for them to discover and make more connections outside the ones I have presented. In the digital atmosphere of articles and the interactive component of comments and social media sharing, this format allows for the viewer to add to the discussion and expand into an open forum.

The importance of these articles is to eliminate the intimidation factor of galleries and museums to the generation of millennials. They are affluent in the medium of street wear and all the artistic techniques that are within the medium, yet fail to see those aspects in the fine art institution. On the contrary, history shows that the cube-like structure of art institutions and galleries usually follow a traditional form of sharing art, ideas and concepts, which limits the expansion of its’ audience to an extent. I believe both street wear and fine art are interconnected and somehow use the same language in various ways. Because of this, there is a potential for unlimited resources and the creation of new and interesting dialogues that contribute to both industries inclusively — uncaged and cubeless.