I am an artist working and living in Los Angeles. Since childhood, I was introduced to the art of collections through thrifting by my father. I have collections that range from prints to shoes, to sports jerseys and even tuxedo shirts from the seventies. Another facet of collecting, was “people gazing”, and learning how to observe identities through body language and clothing as a symbol of ideals. I could not have seen value in my collections without studying their history and how people shared them in everyday life. Over time, I realized that some of my collections were also immaterial such as ideas and memories, which inspired my approach to art. 

While my major in art school was painting, I used paint as a material in order to experiment with portraiture and constructing identities with collections and “people gazing” embedded in my process. Although I found portraiture as a way to represent everyday life, I felt limited in only using paint. I began to compile my knowledge with various mediums together to create a clearer image of symbolism.

This approach has allowed me to observe how objects and moments with pre-existing lives, live in the world today. As an Angeleno, the definition of “melting pot” raised my very being so I find opportunities in my work to express how I understand various cultures, question them, pay homage to them and also access them for others to interpret.